Friday, May 04, 2007

The story

TaeKwonDoMom is ready to take her grades over to the registrar. She's spent the past few days grading papers--about 120 individual projects, she's figured out with the help of a calculator. Her brain is fried.

She sighs, turns off the radio in her office, and glances at her desk, covered with papers, folders, and books. She decides to ignore the mess, for now.

At the registrar's office, she says hi to the woman behind the desk. Is her name Kay? Or is it Esther? She can't remember.

"Are you done then?" the woman asks her, taking the grade sheets.

"Yes. I'm done. And ready for summer."

There's such a nice rhythm to the academic year. Though scholarship, study, reading, and writing are never-ending, classes have a definite beginning, middle, and end, just like a good old traditional novel. TaeKwonDoMom likes this aspect of her job.

After she drops off the grades, she heads to the movie rental place. She goes directly to the movie she wants and signs it out. Driving home, she turns on the "oldies" station and sings along to "Deacon Blues," a song that was popular when she was in high school.

At home, she makes herself a lunch and takes it out to the living room. She pops in the DVD and turns on the TV. She's been wanting to see this movie for a long time--even signed it out one weekend . . . and then didn't have time to watch it.

I love the end of the semester, she thinks.


Justin said...

how long do you have the rental for? I'd like to see it too. And if you would like to see Airplane, I rented it yesterday, maybe we could trade?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it has a beginning, middle and end.... and isn't like hyper fiction!! Ugh!