Saturday, May 05, 2007

Clothing makes the Person

Robbie took these photos of me today in class. I wanted to get a nice "TKDmom the blackbelt" photo--maybe I'll put it on the top of my blog.

Vote for your favorite:

I like wearing my new red "black belt club" uniform. It's nice to have a new uniform, one that's still crisp. And of course, the black belt. I'm feeling its meaning more strongly every time I put it on.

In the afternoon, there were graduation festivities at the college. I went over for the Phi Beta Kappa initiation (it's an honorary society) and Baccalaureate. Here's my other "uniform" for those sorts of things.

I'm wearing my Dad's mortarboard here. I almost wore his doctoral hood (that's the colorful thing), but it's for engineering . . . my degree's in English. The colors of the hood symbolize your degree and your university. Dad's has a brown interior, while mine is "old gold." Still, maybe I'll just wear Dad's anyway next year.

It was fun when we processed into the big chapel/auditorium where they held the ceremony. The grads-to-be went first, and as we faculty came in behind them, I heard people say "oh--here come the faculty!" Everyone turned around to see us in our ceremonial robes and colorful hoods!

Something about wearing these two "uniforms" is very special to me. They certainly do symbolize two important parts of my life.

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