Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Four Conversations

First conversation:
Jane: Good to see you, Justin! We missed you in class Saturday.

Justin: (shaking hands) I was in Des Moines with friends. Haven't gotten much sleep. Hey, who's teaching?

Jane: Now? You are! You're senior.

Justin: Oh great. . . I'm feeling grumpy. Well if I'm teaching, we're going to spar.

Second conversation:
Jane: (as we're working on some excruciating leg exercises) Doing OK?

Robbie: I don't like this.

Jane: It'll be over soon.

Robbie: I don't like Justin's workouts!

Third conversation:
Justin: I want to do a flying side kick over these pads. (He gestures to the long gymnastics pads folded up along the side of the dojang.)

Jane: Longways? You're going to have to work up to that. Robbie's been practicing his flying side kicks.

Robbie: I can jump over five of the blue kicking pads!

Fourth conversation:
Jane: (on the way home) So what did you think of noodle hockey?

Robbie: It was OK. I just played defender the whole time.

Jane: That game doesn't have positions! You just chase the ball like a kitty and do lots of body checks. That's what makes it fun!


Justin said...

Had to make up for the workouts I've been missing lately. Its been over a month since my last actual class down there. We used to do that exercise every Saturday when Mr. Brinkmann would teach, and it is a very effecitve one. Maybe it was a little overdone? I was sore in the morning, but that just means we worked hard I suppose?

taekwondomom said...

Justin--Oh yeah, it's just like a 19-year-old to think you can make up for months of not working out in one night!

That exercise (holding out our legs in side-kick position for a long time) is like power-lifting to me, and I'd prefer multiple shorter repetitions.

I was sore Wednesday, even though I stretched afterwards. I'm glad you were, too. Serves you right >:-) But I was very glad we got a chance to spar and play noodle hockey!