Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mom Teaching

Since Robbie started back to TKD, several people have given me well-intentioned warnings about trying to be my son's teacher. It's not good to teach your own child, your child will try to resist your teaching, let others do it, that kind of thing.

I certainly am very glad that I don't have to do all the teaching. It's great for Robbie to get instruction from some of the best instructors I know--Master Hughes and Ms. Pryor. And I'm glad he'll be around our large corps of black belts, all of whom know him at least a little, and want him to do well.

All those people are going to be such great mentors for Robbie. All of us, but especially young people, need to be around people who care for us, and want us to grow and learn--people who'll help us to do that.

But I've also been teaching Robbie a bit. And--this may be surprising--he takes my instruction very well.

People who know Robbie might find this surprising. He's very strong-willed and he's got this high-energy (ADHD?) thing going on, too.

But in the past few years, I've noticed that he really listens to me and is willing to let me teach him in many situations.

I'm the one who has helped him with music since the summer he took keyboard lessons (we didn't yet have a piano). When I asked him to practice, he usually did. And he worked with me on some simple teacher/student duets, going over tricky spots at my suggestions. Same with his trumpet. I'm the one who gets him to practice, and I helped him rehearse for his contest piece. Parts of it were tricky, and required me to have him stop and play it over several times. But he did well; he got a "1."

So it hasn't been a surprise to me that Robbie will work on his form and kicks with me at the dojang and even here at home. I give him praise and corrections in the way I give them to the other students. And he's fine with that.

I think it'll be OK to be the mom teaching--especially since I'm not the only one teaching.

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