Sunday, May 06, 2007

Too cold and wet

Despite looming clouds, we drove over to the Renaissance Faire today. The newspaper said it would be sunny and warm, and that the rain would hold off until tonight.

The newspaper was wrong! It started drizzling as soon as we got to the Faire, and didn't let up all afternoon. In fact, it poured!

We didn't want to wander out to the encampments, or do archery, so we went with Bonnie and Jacob to some of the vendors. Here are Robbie and me in one tent, hiding from the rain.

We also really enjoyed watching this glassblower. We hadn't seen him before at a Faire, and it was nice to stand by his kiln! He made some cool creations.

I was sorry not to be able to hang out with Kojokan, the samurai arts school which always has a demo team at the Faire. I did see the sensei briefly, and said hi.

I sent a message from their website to see if it would be possible for me to come down and learn bo. . . we'll see what comes of it!

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