Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Exhaustion and Celebration

Monday's class was a Classic Ms. Pryor Class: an awesome workout--and completely exhausting! I came home feeling stiff, sore, and wiped out, like an old person. I lay down on the bed while the boys were getting ready for bed, and practically couldn't get up again!

I loved it. Really. It was "a good tired."

But there was reason for celebration, too--Brian's birthday is this week and we celebrated in the usual TKD way--the singing, the gauntlet, the teasing, the treats (Brian brought Gatorade).

I gave him a special present: "the good stuff."

I tease him because he drinks some kind of lame beer--oh, I don't know, Micholob Lite ("Lite"!!!) or something--and calls it "the good stuff." This is not even Beer to me! So I bought him some Real Beer from a local brewery.

"You won't have to drink a six-pack to get a buzz from this," I warned him. "One bottle might do it." I think he's gonna love it!

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