Saturday, March 31, 2007

I stopped at a really nice dance store this weekend to pick up a pair of tights. The owner was in; he's the guy who fits pointe shoes for the students at our ballet studio. I mentioned that I'd thought about pointe, but had injured my ankle, and had pretty much decided against it.

"You should try it!" he said. "It will actually strengthen your feet and ankles. I know a number of moms who are learning pointe along with their daughters. They're really enjoying it."

His enthusiasm was catchy. For a few moments I thought again about learning pointe. Suki did encourage me--it's not just my crazy idea. And if I don't learn now, I won't. It would be cool just to try it, feel what it's like way up there. . . .

But as I drove away, I began to think again. Do I really need another training goal like that? I mean, I've worked toward--and gotten--my black belt. That takes a lot of time and determination. I want to keep it up. Do I need to add a couple half-hours of pointe training to my week? And the expense of shoes/pads (about $100)?

Ballet twice a week is probably enough for now. I was thinking that what I really need to do is to work toward strengthening my ankles and feet, especially the right side, so I could do reliable pirouettes on both sides.

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