Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter TKD

I should be at the Easter service now, but when we got to church, Eli declared "I don't feel well." Normally, I would ignore this (Eli often "doesn't feel well"), but what with all the stomach maladies going around our family, I took him home. It turns out that he's having a recurrance of the croupy cough he had last week, so he's up in bed with a vaporizer.

Ah, the life of a mom: skip Easter celebrations to be with a sick kid.

But now I have time to tell about some of the weekend's festivities!

My brother and sister and their families came for Easter weekend. I had suggested it after Dad's funeral. I didn't want Bill to be home, NOT celebrating with Mom and Dad. Plus, Ellen and Ken are still living in an apartment--they needed a nicer place for Easter.

So they all came out here: my brother and his two girls, my sister and her husband and daughter.

And yesterday, we all went over to the dojang.

I'd suggested it, hoping they'd be curious enough to check out a class. The adults mostly wanted to watch and take photos, but my nieces all wanted to try it out. "I love trying new things," said Anna. Maggie has learned some caporia (sp?) at school, and Gabi has taken dance and drama, so they were ready. I dug up a bunch of TKD pants and t-shirts and they joined in.

It was a fairly small crowd, probably because of the holiday. But Master Hughes was there to teach. He's great with kids, and my nieces really enjoyed him. They learned some kicks, got a bit of a workout, and even broke boards. That made them especially proud!

At the end, we even had two birthdays to celebrate: Georgia's (she's 12), and Justin's (he turns 19 on Tuesday).

I brought boards so I could show my siblings that their "wimpy" sister can do amazing things--it took me a few tries, but I broke my usual 3-board combo. I believe the girls did better than I did!

Pictures will follow in a later post--my camera got left at the dojang. And I'll report on the hockey game we attended, too.

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TKD Rocker said...

I've wanted to learn Capoeira for some time now. I've got a couple of videos and I'm just getting around to watching them. Its a beautiful art - more like a dance than tkd. I think you'd enjoy it. Happy Easter!!