Monday, April 09, 2007

Family Dinner

"Hey, someone's coming to your house, Aunt Jane!" Maggie says.

We're in the middle of our Easter dinner, squeezed in my tiny dining room, eating ham and noodles and gingered carrots.

"Yeah," says Anna. "It's the guy we met at Tae Kwon Do--Justin!"

It is Justin. He's stopping by to say hello before he heads back to the university. I invite him to join us. He's just been at two Easter dinners, he says; his family's and one at another TKD friend's house. But he joins us at the table to chat.

We talk about college life, the weather, other things. When Justin has to leave, I give him a hug, tell him to get his dress shirt ready for next Saturday's test, and tell him I'll see him next weekend.

"Your Tae Kwon Do group is like a family," my brother-in-law, Ken, remarks after Justin leaves. "Master Hughes does more than just teaching. He's doing a social service. He brings people together of different ages and has social events for everyone so you can be together."

I'm pleased to hear this insight. I'd hoped this weekend that my family would be able to see what has drawn me so deeply into this group--this group that really has become an extended family for me.

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