Wednesday, September 06, 2006

TKD Mom, the movie

It's true! I'm in a movie--breaking boards!

Probably lots of you are in movies--those movies friends and relatives make at your promotional tests. So now I am, too!

I came home after a great TKD workout with a DVD from Brian A., who supervised the filming of the test and edited the footage for us. After the kids were in bed, I popped it into my DVD player and watched.

It was almost like being at the test again. There I was, in my living room, watching the group go through basic moves, and cheering on everyone as they did their board breaks. And it was cool to see myself breaking boards, of course.

I'll see if I can post a bit of the video footage on this blog. If not, you'll just have to imagine it! Or stop by and I'll let you borrow it!

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Miss Chris said...

I'm so happy you broke your boards. I remember the rush that I would get each time I made it through that. It's hard to explain that rush to someone not involved in martial arts. I can tell that you feel it too!