Thursday, September 07, 2006


There are new people in ballet this fall. And they are really new, some haven't had ballet experience, and some are just moving up from lower classes.

It's nice to have bigger classes--then I don't worry that the school will cancel adult ballet, as I worried last year when the classes averaged around 4 people. Tuesday, there were abouat 8. But it seems like we're having to change the content of the class.

Last year when Suki added a 2nd adult ballet class on Tues., she made that class a kind of advanced class. It was a great challenge to really dance and push ourselves to learn new things.

Now that we have new folks, we are slowing back down. Tuesday, we learned how to do chainé turns. And glissades. Those are both incredibly basic ballet moves. Because of that, too, we didn't get to do much of a petit allegro or any grand allegro at all. So basically, very little actual dancing. I left without even having broken much of a sweat.

The owner of the studio was there, too, and he was kind of watching the class. Later I wonder if there was some kind of executive decision to make the class more "new person friendly" so that more people would take it. The class also ended at 12:15, rather than going on until 12:30 (Suki used to say "I'll give you that extra 15 minutes for free.") Today was much the same.

I suppose I should just be glad to have 2 ballet classes a week. No other studio in town offers adult ballet. It's just frustrating--I was reaching a certain level and now can't dance up to it.

And speaking of changes, where has Ms. Pryor been?

As we got in line at the end of class to shake hands, Brian whispered to me that he wondered if he and Master Hughes had had a falling out because Master Hughes wouldn't allow her to enter the local tournaments. I said "Well, I wouldn't blame her then."

But I sure hope that's not the case. I hope I see her back in class soon. And I hope he decides it would be cool to see her kick some butt in that tournament!

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Miss Chris said...

I'm in awe that you can do both martial arts and ballet.!