Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Skater Mom

[sorry about the delay in adding these photos. I'm having trouble posting pictures on Blogger.]

Robbie got new roller blades last week. He'd found some old ones in the garage that didn't fit, so we traded them in for these new ones. He loves them and skates in the driveway, in the street, and at my college ("It's great to skate there, except when the students are having passing time!")

This evening, I asked if he'd like to skate with me around the little urban lake a mile or so from here. He was up for it. So he got his new skates and I got my ratty old ones--a pair I'd picked up at a rummage sale for $1--and we went over.

The night was beautiful! After a few days of unsettled weather, the sky was a deep blue with nice backlit pinkish-orange clouds and a HUGE low, waxing gibbous moon.

But skating was . . . painful! With those old, ratty, cheap skates, it felt like I was skating uphill the entire way! Robbie zoomed ahead, then doubled back to give me a push now and then, both of us laughing the entire time. We got passed by lots of bikers, and passed a man with his old dog. Barely passed them.

Eventually, one of my wheels got jammed, and skating got well nigh impossible. We were almost all the way around the lake by then, so I pulled off the skates and my socks and walked back barefoot.

This is what happened to those skates.

So the big question is: do I invest in a decent pair of rollerblades to keep up with my energetic son? Or does taekwondomom have enough to keep her busy and active already?

As Robbie told me when I tucked him in tonight, "Mom, I guess this just proves that you get what you pay for."

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TKDdaddy said...

get your hubby to go out on skates with him