Monday, September 04, 2006

Holiday Workout

I didn't know if I'd get a TKD workout in this weekend. I also didn't know if I'd get to see Justin, who was home from the university for the weekend.

Turns out I got to do both! Justin and I had a nice TKD workout today before he went back to school.

Neither of us had keys to the dojang, and I couldn't locate anyone with keys. So we went over to my college and worked out in the big gym. We went through all the forms I know and sparred a bit, too.

I was glad to be able to visit with Justin and hear about college. He's kept in touch via email and IM, but I prefer talking face to face. I had many many questions to ask, and Justin had lots to say about classes, tennis club, dorm life, and some upcoming tournaments. There's one up near his university in a couple weeks that he hopes to attend.

That first semester at college is a tough one--getting uprooted from home, living on your own, getting to know new people. "I don't really have friends at college yet," said Justin. It takes time to make good friends; you have to make do with acquaintances at a time when good friends would help make the transition.

But he seems to be doing well academically, no surprise there. He especially likes French. "The teacher speaks entirely in French," he said, thrilled.

The workout was great. I needed to go over those forms! Doing forms with Justin always improves my power--his moves are quite powerful and I pick that up from him. It's always fun to spar, too, though I caught a foot to the face. I must have also gotten hit in the knee, too, as it's sore and a bit puffy.

Still, a good workout and a great visit!

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