Sunday, September 10, 2006

Photo with a Famous Guy

"Matt Hughes is going to be out at the mall today. Stop by and get his autograph or get your picture taken with him."

This was the buzz at our dojang yesterday. To be quite honest, I'd never heard of Matt Hughes until last month's Black Belt magazine had 2 articles featuring him. Apparently, he just won some kind of mixed martial arts tournament.

He looks like a wrestler to me.

Clearly, not on the same martial arts page as I am. The mixed martial arts tourneys seem to be martial arts as "sports entertainment." That's not where I am.

And besides, I had a date to see another famous person and get his autograph . . .

Yep, that's me and one of my heroes, Roger Swain, who gave a talk at the local garden show! He autographed my copy of his book "Groundwork" that my brother gave me years ago.

Much more of an interesting guy than a UFC champion . . . to me anyway. If you want to hear about my encounter with the famous man in red suspenders, send me an email!

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Anonymous said...

Roger Swain -- Lucky you! Now all we need is Chris Kimball from America's Test Kitchen, and life would be good!
Kicker Chick