Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Breaking Test

Today, Ms. Pryor was back at the dojang; so was Mr. Carter, who said he'd been out with pneumonia. I got some good coaching from both of them. Mr. Carter helped me and Brian with our form and Ms. Pryor helped me work on my reverse tornado kick.

At the end of class, we lined up and Ms. Pryor got a couple of boards. Mr. Carter and Brian A. held them up.

"Jump reverse kicks. Just one chance. Tyler."

The next-senior black-belt, Tyler, a junior BB, went up to try the jump reverse break. He couldn't do it, so John tried. Then Dillon, Patrick, Stephanie, etc. etc. Ms. Pryor worked her way down the ranks.

Eventually it was my turn. I'd been hoping someone would break it so I wouldn't have to go up there. But something about having done that break before gave me confidence.

I went up there, focused, jumped, and broke the boards!

Just about knocked down Brian A. as I went through, too!

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