Monday, September 11, 2006

Cool night, long warm-up

I noticed something today when I got to the dojang: it wasn't hot in there.

The past several months it's been pretty darn hot up there. Even when we run the big AC units, you get sweaty just walking across the room.

Today it felt pleasant. What a nice change, I thought.

Well, yeah. Until you start trying to stretch out. I'd forgotten what cold muscles feel like!

That nasty hot, humid weather we all hate is great stretching weather! When it gets cooler, I can just feel that my muscles are tighter.

Ms. Pryor asked me to lead stretching today. I worked the class through our usual stretches, maybe taking a bit more time. I reminded everyone about the dangers of cool weather--especially "for those of us who are older than . . . say, 20" :-)

Some intense work on forms, kicking, and sparring warmed us up very nicely, though.

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