Friday, September 08, 2006

Expert Ads for TKD

Master Hughes has signed up for a series of advertisements in our local paper. They have a cool format, called "Ask the Expert." Though they are actually ads, they look like a Q and A-type column, with an expert in a field answering questions people might have about it.

I told Master H. that I'd be glad to help write up some of these. Seems only fair. I don't think I'd be much help with our new remodeling project at the dojang (putting in a new women's changing room), but maybe I can share my writing skills!

I wrote up a few of them on spec. which I'll show him. I'm trying to gather up some ideas for questions--what might the general public like to know about TKD? Any ideas, anyone? What would you like to ask?

Here's one I wrote. They have to be "600 characters" which adds up to about 80-100 words.

Why do people in Tae Kwon Do break boards?

Breaking boards takes excellent kicking or striking technique. The boards won’t break if we don’t kick or strike properly. So we break boards to show that our technique is perfect. Breaking boards is also exciting! It gives our students a sense of pride and self-confidence. All this takes competent and knowledgeable instruction: the black belt teachers at Hughes Tae Kwon Do help students learn perfect technique—so that board will snap! Get started for only $19.99 for your first month.

Oh, I also like this one I wrote. What do you think?
Is Tae Kwon Do good for children with ADHD?

Studies have shown that people with ADHD respond very well to the discipline and focus learned in Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do also teaches self-restraint and tolerance. And of course, it’s great exercise for the high-energy child. It’s important to find a teacher who has these goals as a high priority. Hughes Tae Kwon Do has had extensive experience with all kinds of children and offers TKD classes for everyone, ages 3 to adult. Get started for only $19.99 for your first month.

So, blog-readers, send me any ideas for questions to write about!


TKD Rocker said...

What about: "What are the benefits of my child taking Taekwondo?"
And one question I've heard a lot is: "Am I too old to start Taekwondo?" Of course, the answer is no! Hope these help! Btw, did you get the short story that I e-mailed you? I figured if I was going to get an opinion, it might as well be from an English professor!

Miss Chris said...

Those are very good Q&A's. Sometimes people aren't ready to make the commitment to join but they just need a little nudge and I think the Q&A is a great way to do that. It will ease the apprehention of the parent and/or child.