Wednesday, September 13, 2006

School Spirit

"I think we're lucky to have such great teachers here. Master Hughes is an excellent instructor, and so is Ms. Pryor--they make a great team because they both help us work on different things."

Those were my thoughts about our dojang after an excellent class on Monday.

"Yeah, I've looked in at other schools, like the one in the mall," said Brian A. "I can tell that the instruction isn't as good as here. And most people don't do forms as well as we do at this school." Brian's been to some tournaments, so he's seen people from all over do forms.

I'm glad to hear that our students do well at forms. That gives me a sense of pride in our dojang.

I haven't seen martial artists from other schools--except for Dojokan with their samurai arts. I'd like to see other people do TKD and I'd like to talk to others about their martial arts studies. And I guess I'd like to see how our students compare with others.

Maybe if I get to go to a tournament soon, I'll have that chance.

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