Saturday, January 14, 2006

End of a working out week

As I'm getting ready for TKD today, I realize that I've worked out every day but Friday this week. And two of those days were ballet classes after 3 weeks of break . . .

In the News
Before class starts, I seek out Arik and Miriam to congratulate them on having their picture in the paper. It ran along with an article about TKD for children in the local paper's "Mind and Body" magazine. The kids havn't seen the article yet, but are excited to hear that it's been printed. I promise to bring them a copy. As a freelancer it's easy for me to get tear sheets.

My article featuring Brian (all about plantar fasciitis) is on the facing page; two whole pages featuring students from our dojang! Brian says he hasn't seen it yet; he's been at work since early morning and I'm just glad to see he was able to get away for class!

Usual stuff
Class is smallish again, about 30 people. Justin begins by having us break up into small groups to do stretching and kicking. This is a great way to get some of the seniors to practice leading a class--kind of what I do in my classes once in a while. Students like small groups now and then. Gives the quieter ones a chance to shine.

We move on to the usual stuff: basic moves, forms. Then on to step sparring. I work with Pam, and we complain to each other about forgetting the moves too easily. "I just worked on these this week and already I'm not feeling sure about them," I mutter. But as we work through them, they come back to me.

Sparring memory loss
Pam and I work quickly through the forms while the rest of the class moves more slowly. When we get stuck, we ask her son Paul for help. ("Is Yellow Belt #4 a take-down?")(It's not.) Paul is looking so happy to be a black belt--and he seems to be enjoying doing his step sparring with Stephanie. He remembers all the step sparring without having to think about it. sigh.

When we start sparring, Pam is again my partner. I like working with her. She is clean and accurate in her kicks--no sloppiness at all. Then I face Matt (Stephanie's brother), whose long legs seem to be a hinderance today. I end up facing Justin, just like last week. Too bad it's when I'm a bit winded, but I still get ONE point in on him (this always surprises me).

Strength and Mercy
At then end, Justin does some strength training stuff. It's OK, but most of the class isn't really ready for it. I know some ways to get through stuff like that from ballet (leg lifts, lunges), but most people don't. I wonder if next time he will start small (maybe just 5-10 reps), stop, and let anyone do more if they're up to it. The children often ending up doing the exercises wrong (and so they might get hurt) and some of the adults don't like to wimp out. And I hope he'll remember to "stretch it out" --stretch the working muscles.

After class, Brian A., Pam, Cavio, and I go through our forms. That's good brain work and good exercise. I feel more awake--and more sweaty--afterwards.

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