Sunday, January 15, 2006

We Like to Move it, Move it

This was the name of one song that Robbie requested at the TKD roller skating party this evening. It's an amusing and high-energy song from the movie "Madagascar." Robbie thinks it's the coolest song and goes around the house singing it loudly. He does everything loudly. And it's fun to hear him singing "I like to move it move it."

Bruce and I think it's hilarious because Robbie has ALWAYS liked to "move it move it" from the time he was born (and, actually, in utero). He's a guy on the move--learned to walk by 9 months. Today,he skates, runs, scooters, and bikes, full of energy and activity from the time he gets up to the time he crashes into bed at night.

I remember when I took him ice skating this December. "I just love being on the ice," he told me after a few high-speed, reckless turns round the rink. Reminded me of when he learned to ride his bike. Once he finally got it, he pedaled over to me where I was standing at the edge of the playground and said, wide-eyed, "Riding a bike--it's like flying."

Bruce always blames Robbie's intensely high energy levels on the my family's genes. I always say "It skipped a generation" and tell him that Robbie's like my Dad, whose energy these days is channelled into writing letters to the editor and stirring up trouble at the retirement community where he lives . . . but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it didn't skip a generation.

I'll admit it: I like to move it, move it, too!

I think this is becoming more apparent to me as I get older. When I was younger I wasn't as active as I am now, and certainly not as active as people around me (other kids my age, boys and girls). But as I get older, a time when most women my age are slowing down a bit, I'm not. I still love to skate, to dance, to swim, to hike, to bike, to learn TKD.

Like tonight, for example. I thought roller skating would be a fun thing to do, especially with Robbie and my TKD friends. But I didn't realize how much I would enjoy it. Wow, it's fun to go fast! And of course, I think many of my TKD friends, adults and kids, are just a bit addicted to moving fast as well, so they were great companions at the roller rink. Kevin and Justin both indulged me in some roller-rink racing contests. I'm not sure who "won," but the contests were invigorating.

Robbie and I overdid it, of course, as we "move it move it" junkies will. We took turns soaking in the tub and discussed how nice it would be to have one of those deep, wooden Japanese baths!

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