Thursday, June 09, 2005

Not Anonymous

Lots of blogs have a kind of anonymity. It was actually a suggestion in an article I read--don't use people's real names because they might get mad.

My blog isn't anonymous because I'm not writing it to complain about my workplace or divulge juicy secrets about someone's life. It is what it is: the story of my encounter with Tae Kwon Do and more broadly, the story of how learning something new changes a person's perspective.

Aimee asked me for the address of the blog and I gave it to her. (Hi Aimee!) Now both she and Brian can read this. I think I'm OK with that.

Having people I write about read my blog makes me a bit uneasy. It's not that I'm going to write something bad about them, it's just that I'm writing about my OWN perceptions of class, and of people they know, and, OK, about them. My perceptions may not be their own. That's why I've been a bit hesitant to share this blog with people from my school. I want to stay honest in my reflections, not to be held back by worrying about what someone will think.

I'll just have to see how or if my blog changes, knowing people in the dojang are reading this. Who knows: maybe some of them will post comments (that would be great!) to add their perspectives. Maybe they'll start their own blogs!

Will I share it with others? I don't know yet.

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