Thursday, June 09, 2005

Writing TKD

Besides this blog, I've been doing some other TKD writing: finally editing the Hughes brochure.

I went in while the kids were at swim lessons yesterday (after I was sure Eli would be OK) and worked on it in the office, standing at the counter. The document is on Word Pro, which is similar to Publisher, but I don't think as useful. I mostly worked on eliminating errors and making the writing consistent. Then I ran out to get the kids home from lessons.

I did get a bit of a workout in--got there in time to do my forms. Master Hughes was giving Aimee some tips on her form, so I listened intently: be sure the inside-outside block is really a block, for example, by bringing the arm out and around.

We also did some sparring--I'm guessing that was our test for sparring as I'm not sure we'll be able to do it at the demonstration. (I suppose I could spar Brian--that might actually be amusing to the watchers!) I said when I was done that I was SURE that sparring is the world's best workout--I was panting and sweating, as was everyone else!

At the end, a few people did their breaks. I listened and watched as Master Hughes gave Aimee tips on the wheel kick. Another student--can't remember his name said that he loved the wheel kick.

"I broke two boards with that and was getting ready to try again--I didn't even feel my foot going through the boards!"

Wow. Hope that happens to me Saturday.

After class, I stayed to finish the brochure. Master Hughes kept me company and I showed him the changes. I think it looks fine--and we can revise it again in fall.

Here's the first paragraph:
Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art that emphasizes training with hands and feet to improve the mind and body. Tae means foot, Kwon means hand, Do means art. Along with the physical skills that are taught, students develop self-confidence and discipline. Overall, Tae Kwon Do helps people live a better life.

I can live with that simple definition. I'm glad it's the first paragraph of our brochure.

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