Sunday, June 12, 2005

Demo in a factory

Our promotional exams were odd this month. Master Hughes had a call from a nearby manufacturing company that wanted us to do a TKD demonstration at their health fair. So participating in the demo served as our promotional exam!

I'm always up for something new, so I was glad to do it.

I took the guys with me as Bruce was out of town.

When we got there, we found that, yes, we'd be doing our demonstration on the factory floor! Master Hughes had warned us that it would be a concrete floor, and we should wear shoes. The floor was also (and not surprisingly) dirty, so the shoes kept our feet clean.

Still, it was odd doing TKD there. It was hot and noisy. Huge stacks of corrulgated cardboard boxes surrounded us. An industrial-sized fan blew on us.

But people looked up when Master Hughes called us to attention with his commanding "Cheryot!" We did really quick run-throughs of some elements of our class--warm ups, punches, kicks. Master Hughes kept it moving.

He's told us several times that he was once part of a TKD demonstration team--I'd sure like to know more about that. What did they do, who watched, who sponsored the team? Anyway, that's probably how he knew how to keep things moving.

I didn't do all that well. It was very hard to move in shoes! My stances were all off, and so were my kicks. I couldn't break with the wheel kick ("I think it's your shoes," said Master H.), and even had trouble with the reverse kick. The heat made it hard for me to concentrate. Still, it was cool to be showing new people what we do.

Here is the only photo I have. It's Braiden breaking with a reverse kick.

There's a picture of me I need to get, too. June gave Master Hughes her digital camera, and he was taking lots of photos, including one of me. I'll see if I can get it from her.

Belt ceremony Wednesday. I do want to go. I was unable to get to the black belt test on Saturday after the demo, and I want to congratulate Stacy and Ms. Pryor, who I am certain passed their tests!

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