Friday, March 02, 2007

Visiting ballet student

Yesterday my ballet class was cancelled due to the weather. I was very disappointed. Last week, one class was cancelled, too! And I really wanted to get back to 2x a week.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I could go to the ballet class at the college, which meets TTh.

A couple of semesters, I've taken dance (ballet and modern) at the college. Carol, who teaches the classes, also teaches at the ballet school where I usually take classes. Although it's odd dancing with a bunch of 20-year olds (some of whom I've had in class), it's fun to have a different teacher.

"Can I dance with you today?" I asked Carol when I got to the theatre building where they hold class.

"Sure!" she said. "And I want to tell you I've been enjoying your blog. Congratulations on your black belt and I am so sorry about your parents."

It's always a special thrill to me when I find out someone else is reading my blog! I suppose Suki gave Carol the URL!

Class was great. The students are mostly beginners, but that doesn't matter. Any ballet class can be a good workout--beginners do the exercises and combinations at one level; more experienced students work at a higher level. I left class feeling that satisfying exhaustion of muscles that have really worked.

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Carol said...

Glad you enjoyed class. I actually remembered what you called your blog and looked it up once upon a time. I was afraid it might be off-putting to know I follow your blog, but felt I had to congratulate you and offer my condolences since I have been secretly (without intending to be stealth) privy to you life. Pleased to learn that you appreciate followers, as it were.