Saturday, March 03, 2007

MY black belt

I got MY black belt today.

See--it has my name on it--in Korean!

Master Hughes didn't have this one in time for the belt ceremony, so he gave it to me today, just before class started.

It was a good class. I got there early and went through forms with Stephanie. During class, Master Hughes helped me with my form, we practiced kicks, and had a sparring round-robin. I did pretty well--beat 3 teen boys (not bad, eh?!) and got to spar Dillon and John, some of my favorite sparring partners.

Then I faced Justin, and got shut out! I also got to referee the match between Justin and Brian A. which was fun, too.

Now that I'm a black belt, I have proper black belt leg warmers, which I needed since the dojang was chilly when I got there.

They really helped getting my stiff muscles warmed up for class. I would recommend them to anyone. Click here for a link to the leg warmers on the website. They're not expensive ($5.95) and Discount Dance ships very quickly--you'll have them within the week!


si said...

That's very fetching :)


Sarah G. said...

My son just started TKD. He's five and Saturday was his first class. Congratulations on your achievement. We both thought is was very cool. I enjoyed watching you spar, I can see the dancer in you. I hope that I am half as graceful as you are when I start TKD. I am going to start after Doriann has been in it a year. Right now, I want to watch him and cheer him on. I think he will also enjoy teaching mom some things. I look forward to getting to know everyone there. Keep up the great work! I really enjoy your blogs.