Wednesday, March 14, 2007

TKD Field trip

"We haven't gone to the Asian Market in a while, so anyone who wants to go, get your shoes on."

This is the way Master Hughes ended class today. And we all trooped down the stairs and out the door. Everyone was instructed to pick out one thing for $1 or less.

I forgot my camera, which is a bummer because there were lots of colorful moments:

--everyone walking down the city street in our white dobboks
--the children gathering around me as I showed them where the Pocky sticks were, and explained that they were long thin cookies you dipped in frosting
--Brian and I looking at the variety of teas--ginger, jasmine, green teas. I talked him into buying ginsing.
--a bunch of us looking at dried squid, which had a pungent ocean smell.
--the teen boys taking careful sips of the crazy drinks they bought: bird's nest soda, etc.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I live, work, and train in South Korea.

I can not STAND that dried squid stuff. My students and my studiomates constantly try to get me to eat it. It smells like fish food!!

If they have Peppepro (not sure how they romanize it) sticks, get them! So yummy! Little sweet breadsticks covered with chocolate, etc. SO YUMMY!