Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bad Ideas

Bad Idea #1
"Chris, are you taking Justin to the ultimate fighting matches this week?" I ask. Chris nods.

"Could you talk him into just watching this time, and not signing up to fight?"

Chris laughs.

"I just think it's a bad idea to sign up to fight without watching to see what they do first."

Justin had told me about trying out ultimate fighting while he was home on spring break. I think it's a Bad Idea. Actually, I think ultimate fighting in general is a Bad Idea.

Maybe that's just because I'm the taekwondoMOM.

Bad Idea #2
"Do you want to try a ridge-hand speed break," asks Ms. Pryor.

"Ummmmmm . . ." I answer.

I don't like breaking with my hands, but I think the ridge hand break looks mighty cool. I wish I could do it.

So I give it a try at class.

Bad Idea.

Not only do I not break, the attempt leaves my hand stinging and aching. I've got bruises all along my index finger and thumb.

Maybe that's what happens the first time you try . . . but I'm not sure I'm willing to risk a second try!

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