Friday, March 23, 2007

No More Stick Arms

Three people have noticed the fitness of my arms recently. This is amazing to me because I have always been a person with stick arms.

Stick arms are the bane of skinny girls everywhere. There is nothing sexy about stick arms. They don't look good in short sleeves or sleeveless tops or swimsuits, so skinny girls hate summer clothes.

That's the way I always felt anyway.

But somehow, my arms are no longer stick arms.

The people who've noticed my arm fitness are ballet friends. Carol, who teaches ballet at the college, said she noticed that my "arm carriage" (or maybe "shoulder carriage") had improved. "You look strong," she told me. That made me feel good, as I'm currently taking a couple of weeks of ballet with the college kids.

(I think it might have been Carol who wrote the anonymous erudite and fun post about the lifespan of blood and the growth of muscles after my last post--on staying young.)

Lisa also noticed my arms looked good. We chatted for a while about being skinny girls--Lisa is still slender, but fit now. "I wish someone had told me that if I just did a few push-ups a day, my arms would look better," Lisa laughed.

The third person who noticed my arm fitness was Bruce. I told him I thought it was a side effect of middle age. "Lots of women who had nice, round, pretty arms when they were younger are now complaining about having arm fat," I said. "I complained about my arms when I was younger, so I'm getting nice ones now!"

I actually don't think it's arm fat. So take heart, you skinny-armed ones out there: some TKD, ballet, and a measly 10 push ups a day can make skinny arms nice.

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Little Cricket said...

Interesting! I am skinny armed, but more than that, I hate my hunched shoulders. I used to think I just didn't have good posture from studying a lot (I must admit, I'm also very self conscious about sticking my chest out to attain what I think is good posture). But, now I am suspecting that if I make the muscles around my shoulders stronger, I may carry myself better.