Saturday, March 17, 2007

Have or Are?

I have this bracelet that I like to wear to TKD--it says "black belt."

It made me think about how I explain being a black belt to people. I think I say "I am a black belt." Or maybe I say "I have a black belt it TKD."

I suppose it depends on the particular situation.

So, so we "have" a black belt? Or "are" we black belts?


TKD Rocker said...

I think it's different for each person. For me, I "am" a black belt. Even when I don't have my belt on, when I'm out in public, I "am" a black belt and I live my life as such. It's not just something that I put on and take off at the dojang - it's a way of life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! I think a lot of people "have" black belts. I do not think that to just "have" a black belt is what one who identifies a part of their being as a martial artist believes. It is not just something you do, or attend. It is a part of you. The spirit and sweat and tears put into becoming someone who posesses a black belt makes you to BE one. For some, it certainly is just an activity, and it is apparent to others that this is just something they do. For others, like you, it is something deep within you. Like TKD rocker said, "... a way of life." You are a black belt. It is of extreme importance to you right now in this part of your life. Yep, there is a difference!

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic -- I definitely think of myself "as" a black belt, not someone who "has" a black belt. As you know, the belt itself is just a symbol that you've attained a certain rank. It's like when you graduate from college, you "have" a bachelor's degree -- but the degree alone is worthless without the on-going life experience to put your knowledge to use. Similarly, "being" a black belt affects how I feel about myself and how I act towards others in and out of the dojang.
Those poor souls who only "have" a black belt are often the ones who end their martial arts training after attaining it . . . and their lives must be woeful indeed!
Kicker Chick