Friday, March 16, 2007


Robbie and I were practicing his trumpet solo for instrumental contest this evening.

"Have you practiced this with the piano before?" I asked. I practice with him at home, but he has another pianist for contest. The music is a bit too hard for me.

"I played in front of the band!" he said.

"Were you nervous?"

"No. I was just playing the piece," he said. "Sometimes when I play the trumpet, I kind of forget I'm playing. I just concentrate on the music."

"Be the music!" I said, smiling.

I'm glad Robbie's experiencing Flow when he plays music. What he said reminded me of my black belt test--I was each form at that test!

I hope Robbie achieves some measure of flow tomorrow morning at contest!

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TKD Rocker said...

As a fellow trumpeter, I'd like to say, "Way to go, Robbie!" It's still incredibly nervewracking for me to play in front of an audience, so for him to feel so at ease at his age is an awesome thing. Hope all goes well!