Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Black Belt Test Week: Learning styles

I'm glad I'm training for this black belt test with Brian. He reminds me to study. "Repetition is a form of learning," says Brian.

Personally, I like the light bulb method of learning myself. You know, when you're struggling to get something, or faced with something new, and someone says something to you and suddenly--!--you get it!

That's happened to me so many times in TKD, like learning how to do a flying side kick. Someone pointed out that I needed to jump sooner, and he pointed to the exact place on the floor where I should jump. "Oh!" I said, and could do flying side kicks just fine every since.

I think this is probably because I'm a "global learner." At least with TKD. Well, actually, for most things. That's the way I feel most comfortable learning. I have to be reminded, by people like Brian, that learning takes many different approaches.

What kind of a learner are you? You can take the Learning Styles Questionnaire for free and find out.

As usual, most people aren't always ONE style, but if you think of one particular activity that you're learning about--TKD or math or writing--as you take it, you can get a sense of how you learn in that situation.

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