Monday, February 05, 2007

Black Belt Test Week: Getting Advice

Over the past couple of months, I've had lots of black belts from our school watch me do forms. That's been quite an education. Each person notices different things and gives slightly different kinds of advice.

Brian A. and Patrick are really good at remembering and noticing the small details in the forms--Brian noticed that my hands weren't in quite the right position as I started up the "I" in HwaRang, for example.

Justin said that he watches for general trends--like the fact that I don't always get my back foot straight in a front stance, especially after turning.

Ms. Pryor had me work on things like phrasing and punctuation (!). I like the way she sees each form as a dramatic piece. Once I finally "got" that idea, I think my forms improved immensely.

Today, Pam had us (me, Brian, Kevin) do our forms facing different directions--different from each other, and different directions for each form. She also called out two, which we'd have to do in succession. That was good practice.

Pam also had some encouraging words. "Your forms look good," she told me. "You have good strong moves--you're bringing your arms way back."

That made me feel good to get praise from her--Pam is very good at forms.

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