Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Black Belt Test Week: "Are you ready?"

"Are you ready for Saturday?"

Everyone wants to know. This test is a big deal: all the forms, sparring, basic moves, kicks, step-sparring. And of course breaking: two with hand, three with foot. Maybe there'll be 2-on-one sparring or some self-defense. Plus the written exam. Plus reading the essay. It's a lot.

How do I answer?

The funny, joking answer: "I'm ready to be done training! I'm tired."

The real answer. "Yes. I'm ready."

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Anonymous said...

Okay - some more unsolicited Black Belt advice :)!
Try to schedule a little bit of alone time to help focus your mind and energy. It may be easier to do this at home just before leaving for the dojang, which will be abuzz with test day activities. I stuck my ipod in my ears and sat by myself visualizing all of the forms and my breaking techniques.
Kicker Chick