Monday, January 29, 2007

To Wait or not to Wait

To Wait
If I wait and test in April, I would take a few weeks "off" now because there is no way I can sustain this level of workouts for another 8 weeks. Maybe I would just go to TKD 2x a week for a while. I'd then gear up again about 4 weeks before the test. It would give me time to answer condolence mail, and get caught up at Coe.

Not to Wait
If I don't wait, if I test Feb. 10, I would keep up my 5x week schedule for now and just push ahead. I'm not quite ready to answer condolence mail now anyway, and I'm getting caught up at Coe.

Sunday Workout
I had planned to work out with Brian and Kevin after supper, but when Justin said he's like to work out too, and could meet earlier, I took him up on it. We worked out at the college. He had me do step-sparring, in random order, and watched my forms.

His advice: bigger moves (specifically, be sure to reach all the way back on a double-middle-knifehand guarding block) and be sure to get my feet pointing forward in front stances (specifically after I turn).

An insight
I'm working and studying hard for this particular test, but I don't see it as cramming. When it comes right down to it, I've been preparing for the blackbelt test ever since I was a white belt. I didn't know it at the time! Since this summer, we've been required to work on all our forms before every test.

So, if I can't pass without intense cramming, I'm not doing a very good job as a student. The heavy-duty workouts I'm doing now just give me a chance to get things polished and make sure I have everything exactly right--and so I can do an excellent performance when everyone's watching.

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Aimee said...

I'm sure no matter what you choose you will make the right choice for you. This is, in the end, an individual journey.

Good luck!!!