Sunday, December 03, 2006


Brian and I met at the dojang today for a workout. Neither of us had gone Saturday, so we needed to go over forms.

I was guessing that the boxing ring would still be in the middle of the dojang. And it was. So were the chairs for spectators.

Not only that, the dojang was absolutely littered with . . . litter! There were pop cans, popcorn bags, torn up paper, and broken boards.

"I can't stand to see it looking this way," said Brian. I agreed, but was thinking it could have been a whole lot worse. I didn't see any blood spatters (thank goodness). And the spectators weren't smoking or drinking alcohol.

Still, it was a serious mess.

Matthew got to work collecting cans. We have a deposit in our state, so he was thinking he'd make a bit of money. Brian and I moved chairs out of the way, and Brian got the big mop to sweep the floor.

We were able to clear a space to work out, but both of us were pretty sure that the boxing ring would still be there on Monday.

"I wonder if Master Hughes required a deposit," I mused. "I think he should keep it."

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