Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Board breaking used to be the coolest part of TKD. I mean, here was a board, made out of wood, and I could put my foot right through it! I even won a 1st in Breaking at the little tournament my dojang held when I was an orange belt!

But now . . . I dread breaking. I'm not sure what caused the change. I think it was the addition of hand techniques. That, and having to break more than one board at a test.

The board breaking ideal is to be able to break different numbers of boards (1 at a time, 2 at once, 3 at once) in different ways, or trying out new and different ways to break boards, challenging oneself each time.

I prefer finding a way that works and sticking with it. If I have to do it at all, that is. I figure if I didn't break a bone last time, it's probably safe.

I'm worried about breaking bones because my bones are slender, and, according to my doctor, only "barely normal" in terms of density. I don't have osteoporosis (yet), but I'm kind of on osteoporosis watch.

So contemplating a board break makes me nervous. As a small person, I have to have perfect technique. And I worry that if I don't, I won't only not break the board, I might break something else. I have to break 4 boards at this test, 2 hand, 2 feet, so there are plenty of opportunities to break . . . something.

Last night after class, Brian A. coached me on a knife-hand strike, which I'm considering for this test. A knife-hand strike is that stereotypical "karate chop." Brian had some good advice: line the holders up carefully, put your shoulder into it, follow through.

I felt a bit better about it after that coaching session. I won't feel completely at ease until after it's over.

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Miss Chris said...

Don't even get me started on board breaking!!! Argh! The bane of my existance.