Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An Inspiring Story

"Does anyone remember me talking about Nancy R.?" Master Hughes asks at the end of Monday night's class.

Alex does. But the rest of us haven't heard this story.

"Well she was a student a while back. She was only about 4 feet tall. She had dwarfism. She couldn't do a side-kick because of bad hips. But she was an awesome martial artist. We figured out a way for her to do a tornado kick using her crutches."

Here Master Hughes mimes a crutch-tornado kick, showing how someone could whirl crutches around as a weapon.

"I finally said I wouldn't spar with her unless she put pads on those things," he laughs. "And she did! She put pads on her crutches.

"The cool thing is that she got her black belt and went to open a school in North Carolina. And her students were just as good as anyone else's."

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