Tuesday, October 31, 2006

TKD Halloween Party

"Sarah had a great time at the party," said my friend Karen. Her daughter, Sarah, came to the TKD Halloween party with Stephanie.

"Yeah. Master Hughes throws awesome parties," I said.

I don't have my camera back yet, but I have these pictures taken by Brian A.

Kevin and Denise were . . . well, guess which nursery rhyme. . .

The children enjoyed playing.

Dr. Evil here was looking for Austin Powers.

Robbie has that "not in public, Mom" look. But he enjoyed himself!

Ms. Pryor created a pinata filled with candy. Children kicked it until it burst!

Here's Sarah and Stephanie . . .

And the whole gang of youth!

Me, being Mitzi Mittens, our kittty.

Justin had to teach me the macarena. Glad I finally learned it.

So what does this have to do with TKD? Parties like this one aren't necessary for studying TKD, but I'm glad Master Hughes has them. I feel a strong bond with my fellow TKD students, and I think that bond is strengthened by the friendly, outgoing approach to learning that Master Hughes inspires through class and through our (many) social events. We study together, work hard together, sweat together--and play together! It builds trust and friendship, two elements that have been important to my study of martial arts.


Anonymous said...

Your group has way too much time on their hands. We are too busy learning to become blackbelts to have time for so much play. Martial arts is not a fun & games activity.

Justin said...

lol, I like that last picture, one of several now with me wearing that costume. As for the anonymous commenter, our school has plenty of time for working out. Before I left for college I was going to tae kwon do 12-15 hours per week between school, homework, work, and sleep time. We have plenty of time to get workouts in and are especially good about getting personal training in when needed (especially when its for the purpose of training for black belt.) We do have a lot of fun at our school and I believe it brings the students closer to eachother but we can also get a very good workout whenever needed. Besides, who doesn't like a party here and there.