Sunday, October 29, 2006

Party with TKD!

I don't know if other schools do this, but our dojang has lots of social events. We've gone on a trip together (see pictures in the May archives), gone out to lunch together, celebrated birthdays, gone roller skating . . . and tonight was our annual Halloween party!

How do you throw a party that will interest everyone, from the 4-year-old mini-ninjas to the adults? Well, we decorate the dojang, hire a D.J., and have a potluck. It was "costume mandatory" and "bring a friend," so the place was packed with jedi, skeletons, a cheerleader, a geisha, kitties, witches, various gothic and romatic figures, belly dancers, movie characters, a sumo wrestler, and a hula girl.

We goofed around, danced n(YMCA, Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, that kind of stuff), and ate. Master Hughes emceed a costume contest, and the children took turns kicking at a "pinata" (can't get the squiggly thing over the n) full of candy. An enjoyable, crazy time for all, especially the young people who are too old for trick or treat and classroom Halloween parties. I guess that would include adults, too, wouldn't it?

I promise to share some photos next time. I took some with my camera, but my camera has gone missing. I'll have to wait for some photos from Brian's trusty (and better) camera. Hope mine turns up soon.

Any of you martial artists out there have dojang parties?


TKD Rocker said...

We used to have Christmas parties and one of our adult students would dress up like Santa and do magic tricks. But we haven't had one in awhile..

Miss Chris said...

Our karate school has parties for the kids. Christmas and halloween parties and a few sleepovers every year.

Justin said...

The party was definitly awesome! With everyone bringing their friends the dojang, the place was really filled up. I hope you find your camera soon and Brian gets his pictures sent out.(I didn't figure out his costume until right after I left the party.)

DK of IA said...

I'm glad you enjoy so much social activity with your TKD group. Our group has an annual 4th of July picnic. I wouldn't have the time to attend anymore so am glad we don't have so many non-TKD activities (it is hard enough to find enough time to practice forms, self-defense, 1-steps, free-sparring, and board breaking.