Monday, October 16, 2006

Test Photos

I have photos of Saturday's test, even though my photographer, Robbie, did not go to the test. Brian A. always takes photos, and this time, since he wasn't testing, he took a ton of them! Here are a few featuring tkdmom:

Me sparring Jamie.

My board breaks: palm strike . . .

and reverse elbow . . .

and flying side kick!

Ms. Pryor told me that she wants me to try new board breaks, especially kicks. "When I was a brown belt, I worked on all my kicks," she said, "to be sure I could break two boards with each one: wheel kick, axe kick, jump spinning wheel."

Yeah, right. Having enough power to go through two boards when I'm NOT putting my weight into it seems just about impossible. "It takes technique," encouraged Ms. Pryor.

Well, I do need to practice some more breaks. Maybe my next test.

Unlike me, the guys don't worry about breaking like I do. That's why I love to watch them break. They're big and strong and just whack theose boards.

At this test Brian and Kevin were the only adult men breaking. Brian used an axe kick to break two . . .

And punched through another two--you can see here that he's a lefty.

I think Kevin used a jump reverse kick

It was Raiden's junior black belt test--he did a very nice job. His side kicks were high, and he broke without too much trouble. I love this picture of his flying side kick! Isn't he great?

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