Friday, October 06, 2006

More cardio

After the petit allegro in ballet yesterday, I was winded!

Petit allegro is exactly what it's called: "small and fast." Suki says it's "neat fleet feet." It's not the big, expansive jumps across the floor; petit allegro is quick little jumps and hops and turns.

Petit allegro is also my favorite part of ballet class, and I don't usually get winded after it. So I'm thinking I need more cardio in my life so I can do what I love to do.

Swimming used to give me a good cardio workout. It used to be my only workout! I liked it because it was good for strengthening AND cardio. Plus, it doesn't really seem like exercise and it doesn't take long to get a good workout (that's the lazy side of me speaking).

But this morning, fate aligned to make it possible (even desirable) for me to go swim before I taught. There was a small crisis at home (involving fighting children) which meant I didn't have time to shower before taking Eli to school. So that decided it: I needed a shower, so why not do it at the Y after swimming? I dropped Eli off at school, went to the Y for a quick swim (I got all the green lights--see: the stars were aligned), and then made it to the college in time to hand out the test my students were taking!

I'm always amazed at the ways I can trick myself into doing stuff I don't really think I have time or inclination to do.

Now I just need to trick myself into grading these exams . . .

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Justin said...

I'm sure grading exams is muuuch harder than taking them, lol. Lately in my workout classes we have been doin a lot of REALLY good cardio workouts so when I'm in town next week I could show you a few. During winter break month I thought I'd ask Master Hughes if he would let me teach a kickboxing or aerobics class, maybe even a muscle building class!