Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sometimes the board wins

OK, I'll get the bad news out of the way first.

I brought 3 boards to class tonight so I could practice breaking for the tournament. I figured I'd do breaks that always work for me every time. I chose palm strike, back elbow, and reverse kick. I have always done well with those.

But tonight, I had lots of trouble! I didn't break with those hand techniques at all :-( Well, every board has its day.

I must say that I gave those boards an advantage: I set them up badly. One reason I wanted to practice breaking is so I could practice setting up! I NEVER set up my own breaks. We don't do breaking very often (fine with me) and I don't trust myself to set them up. So I just ask people to set up my boards at tests. Safer that way.

But I did my own set up and I did it badly. Master Hughes told me why the palm strike wasn't working: My arm wasn't fully extended when I hit the board. Well, that's because I'd set up up too close to me! I think I had the same problem with the back elbow board.

Now I know!

There is some good news, though.

My forms went well, especially Toi-Gye, which I'll do in the tournament. I really thought about what Ms. Pryor said about getting a flow and imagining myself fighting an opponent. I watched her carefully when she did her form. And this time, I felt the flow in my form when I did it! I hope it's noticeable. I hope the fact that my W-blocks are slightly uneven is NOT noticeable.

We also sparred. I sparred Brian, then Dillon, both challenging partners. Then I got to spar Ms. Pryor! I could feel my adrenaline soar: I really wanted to do well. And I think I did. I actually scored a few! Granted, she scored a bunch, but still.

"Good job," she said after we were done. I don't think she says that lightly.

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