Tuesday, September 19, 2006


So what am I doing at home today at 11 a.m. when I should be at ballet?

My feet hurt. I don't think I could do ballet today.

Not only does my jammed toe hurt, but my right pinkie toe is sore, and that old sore ankle is bothering me.


Well, all of these things are temporary, and that's what keeps me from really getting down! My plan for the day: go to the Y and practice my form in the mirror, then have a swim. I can do that with sore feet!

Ms. Pryor gave me interesting advice on my form. Whereas Brian A. told me some moves I wasn't getting quite right (very helpful), she gave me more of an overall evaluation.

"Your form is too rigid. You need to think about flow rather than emphasizing each movement equally. You need to take that form and make it your own."

Wow. That's similar to what I tell my students about writing!

So that's what I'm going to work on: making Toi-Gye flow, making it my own form.

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Anonymous said...

Wow -- I'm happy AND impressed that you're going to be competing in the tournament this weekend. If you can get a copy of the Discovery Channel video on Extreme Martial Arts, it shows Matt Mullins preparing for and competing in a tournament in the traditional and creative forms and weapons categories. One of his concerns was how to personalize the form, and how he worked through it.
Best of luck!!
Kicker Chick