Monday, August 14, 2006

Test Photos

It seems that the higher I go in the TKD ranks, the more . . . important . . . and emotional the tests become. This month, Saturday, I had not only my own test, but I got to watch some of my TKD friends test for black belt, people I've known since I began here. That made the test Saturday extremely loaded with meaning and excitement and anticipation.

I stayed for the black belt test, so was at the dojang for about 5 hours, then returned home to the usual Saturday stuff: chores, shopping. Although the children had been at the dojang during the black belt test (Bruce had to go to a funeral, so he dropped them off), no one at home really understood what I and my TKD colleagues had just been through, so there was no one to talk with about it.

So I've been thinking about Saturday's test all weekend. There was a lot to think about--my own test, and then the black belt test. Eventually I'll figure out how to write about it.

Until then, here are some photos from the first test that day.

Me sparring Jason.

The children doing their forms. The first test was almost entirely children.
Me at the end of Toi-Gye.

Brian and Kevin practicing combination kicking.
Brian and I line up to spar.

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