Friday, August 11, 2006

Good Luck, Black Belt Candidates!

On Saturday, Pam, Jim, Brian A., June, and Patrick will be testing for black belt. And they are going to be awesome!

It's been such an inspiration to watch them prepare for their test. They come in on days we don't have class to get in extra practices. They're often at class early--or they stay late--to do forms in front of black belts. (They have to do each form 13 times for black belts, and the 3 and 1 steps, too).

And the coolest thing: they are clearly helping one another out as they practice.

Master Hughes and Ms. Pryor have invited the entire dojang to come and watch the test. "Show them your support." I'll be there.

Good luck to you, black belt candidates! You're going to be great.

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