Monday, August 28, 2006

Blogging and aching

Sorry, but Blogger is unable to process your request at this time.

Boy, I've gotten this message a lot recently, when trying to post pictures to my dojang's photoblog.

I wonder what the deal is. They don't say, and there aren't any messages about outages.

Perhaps blogging has become so popular that they're unable to keep up with requests for picture posting. I hope they figure it out soon as our students like to see their photos online.

I had slight aches in both shoulder muscles after Saturday's class. Ms. Pryor had led us in some calisthenics at the end of class--good ones, almost Pilates-like abdominal curls, pelvic lifts, leg lifts, pushups, etc. I guess the pushups worked! Sadly, I also had sore elbows: we did a "plank position" exercises where we balanced on toes/elbows. This is a good exercise . . . unless one has bony elbows :-(

Aching is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it shows that you've had a good workout. Other times it shows that you pushed too hard, didn't warm up, or didn't cool down. This time, I think it was the good kind of aching.

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Justin said...

What is the website for the tae kwon do picture site? I lost it a while ago and I'm sure people reading your blog would also like to know.