Tuesday, August 29, 2006

About Tournaments

I'm still thinking about participating in a tournament. I figure Stacy's right and I ought to try before becoming a black belt--competition won't be quite so stiff and I might have a chance to do well.

"If I wait until I'm a black belt," I explained to Ms. Pryor, "I'll have to go up against you and I'll get wiped out!"

Ms. Pryor would also like to enter a tournament, namely, the big one that'll be happening right here in our hometown. It sounded good to me, too--has forms and point-sparring as well as Olympic sparring and Kum Do (sword).

Problem is, Master Hughes isn't on good terms with the teacher of this dojang either.

"You can go if you want," he said again. "But I don't feel like I want to support their tournaments if they don't support ours."

He's speaking about some long-ago slights, as far as I can gather. He is a stubborn person at times. I don't think it's good for our school, or for our students.

His stubbornness won't affect me, really. If I want to go to that tournament, I will. As a brown belt and adult, I feel I can make my own decision. But Ms. Pryor, as the other head teacher at our school, doesn't feel she can go: she is tied very tightly to the school and is very close to Master Hughes. I feel bad about that--I'd love to watch her kick some butt, because she would.

Will I attend this big tourney? I don't know. I talked it over with Brian on the phone today. He also wants to go to a tournament, but, like me, wants to find one that's appropriate for true amateurs (LOVERS of martial arts, not killer athletes) like us. I don't know if this is the one, thought the group photo from last year doesn't look too intimidating: lots of children.

Brian suggested getting a group of people from our school to go and watch. "We can watch, take a break and have a nice long lunch somewhere, then come back."

That sounded great to me, and it made me wonder if the cameraderie is a very important part of the tournament to me. It wouldn't be as fun to compete in the tournament if there weren't a big group from our dojang. We work and learn and do forms and spar in a group. I'd want to compete in a group, too; be able to watch each other and cheer each other on.

I don't yet know how this will shake out. The local tourneys are at the end of this month, so it would be nice to decide soon.

Of course, if Justin is participating in the other local tournament (two in one weekend in our small city!), I'll go watch him. Or maybe compete there, too . . .


Miss Chris said...

I've never done a tournament and now I'm wishing I had back when I was a lower rank. It's intimidating to think of doing it now.

cim said...

I'm participated in a few tournaments (regional and local)to first understand the experience and then to show support for my school. Although I'm really not motivated by the competition, it's great fun meeting new like-minded (and bodied) people. There's also a lot to be learned by seeing how students from other schools approach forms, weapons and sparring and how the judges see you. If you do take part, enjoy the experience.