Friday, July 28, 2006


Ms. Pryor's uniform advice was this: buy the top and bottom in different sizes.

Apparently you can do this with black belt uniforms. Those of us who are not black belts have to buy 2 uniforms.

So that's what I did: found a light-weight uniform I wanted and bought TWO of them: one size 2 and one size 3. The size 3 pants are long enough. The size 2 top fits nicely.

Of course, I now have a mismatched uniform that I'm not wearing: size 3 jacket, size 2 pants! Perhaps some mom would like an extra pair of pants for a size 2 child. . . .

I like this uniform, too, because it's a v-neck, rather than the jacket (which can come unwrapped).

But I don't know what these little ties are for . . . they're attached to the back flap of the top. Anyone know?

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Anonymous said...

I think they're supposed to be tied together at your waist underneath the front of the uniform. The purpose is to keep the back part of the uniform from flapping up and it gives a nice line.
However, everyone in my school (myself included) just cuts them off.
Kicker Chick