Monday, July 24, 2006


I am now the proud owner of a TKD notebook.

In it are pages for each belt level, giving the steps for that belt's form, and listing what new kicks, movements, and terminology need to be learned. For some reason, I never had one until now . . .

"I need something from your office," I told Master Hughes at class tonight. "I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I never got a notebook."

"Well, you've done pretty well without a notebook," he said, surprised.

"I've been cribbing off of Brian," I admitted. Brian always has his notebook in his TKD bag, and we consult it when we can't remember the next step in a form. "But when he's not here, I'm lost."

I'm glad to get my own notebook. I like that our program emphasizes learning more than just movements; we have to learn terminology and the meanings of forms, etc. I need to get those numbers learned (hana, doul, set, net . . . ) and the names of the kicks (ap chaki = front kick, yap chaki = side kick . . . ).

For my black belt test, I need to "write a paper titled 'What Tae Kwon Do Means to Me' . . . the paper must be at least 2 pages long." I wonder if I could submit this blog . . . :-)

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