Sunday, July 23, 2006

A friend in need

This repair project had me completely daunted . . . until Brian A. came along to help me out!

We've needed new thresholds into and out of the kitchen for a long time. The old ones had gotten all chipped up. But I had no idea how to replace them! (I am not what you'd call handy.) There were no nails or screws that I could see . . . until suddenly I remembered how they were installed: they snapped onto a metal track.

So I pulled them off with the claw of a hammer, took them to Home Depot, bought the new threshold trim, and took that over to the Home Depot saw to get it cut to the right size. How clever am I?

But they wouldn't cut it for me. "We don't do precision cutting," the guy said. "You can cut it yourself. Just use your hacksaw."

I don't have a hacksaw. I was completely discouraged.

Until I rememberd that Brian A. is good at fixing things. I got advice from him to fix my dryer vent once.

So I called him up, and he stopped by today to cut the trim . . . and fix the banister. Matthew and Michelle came along, too, and played at our house.

It took him no time at all. "Piece of cake." Well, not for me. I am very grateful. "That's what friends are for," he said.

And for the friendship, I'm even more grateful!

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